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Thursday, February 08, 2007

I've been busy

Life contains lots at the moment.
Tescos is going ok, but the early mornings got me after christmas and I've been forced to impose a 10 pm curfew upon my self to make sure I sleep enough. Seems to be working, btu then I've just had the past two weeks off on enforced holidays.

PhD is happening, slowly, but each week I can point to some advancement.

Time with Sarah is good. We manged to see each other most weekends at the moment.
She has just finished making me a lovely banquet kit. And when she decided to compleet a veryu pretty dress for her, she may have forgone sleep on the last night before the guildford banquet. Which went well.
The mission afterwards went surprisingly well. Considering it was complecated, very prop heavy and reliant on players making choices. The confusion when they saw monster crew down two diffferent routes was fun.
But in the end, the only complaint I had for it, was that it was pretty much only local people there, so the hard work won't spread quite as far as I hoped. (although porsmouth have already started using the same idea for signs).

Anyway, I better get back to work now.

I'll try and updat more often

Friday, November 03, 2006

In answer to the last post..

Six I tell you. 6! Between 250 g and 1.2 kg
And to make matters worse, soem are sensible masses, and some are sensible volumes, but none are both. Make your mind up!

Anyway, my current shop related contemplative involves milk.
Specifically Cats milk. I spotted this on sale and looked a little bemused, but then just thought of the fun of the farmer trying to hook a cat up to a milking machine. Certainly worthy of a smile. and consideration into how many cats you would need to milk each day to make enough bottles.
Then, a few days later, it seems I was shopping for a lactose intolerant, who brought goats milk (fairly normal) goats milk cheese (ceratinly not unusual) and goats butter. I had never really registered goats butter before, but it made sense, if they have goats milk, why not make butter with it. And then I remembered the cats milk.
Alas I have yet to see cat cheese or cat butter, but you never know!

In other news, had a lovely meal last monday, cooked for me by Sarah, for our one year aniversery. It was very nice, we had an enjoyable night in just being with each other and eating a very nice roast. Somethign that rarely happens now I'm doing two jobs


Friday, October 13, 2006

Its been a while, but I've got a good excuse

Since my last posting here, I've been a little busy.
I've manged to get a job in the Dot.Com section of Tescos, working tuesday to Saturday from 6 am till lunchish (hours dependant upon exact day, how much overtiem availble and what I need to do in the office for the rest of the day). i have yet to finish my PhD, so once I've doen my trolley pushing for fun and profit, I head into uni to complete my work. Its quite similar to before, except the not being paid for it section.

I have also moved house.
Most of my stuff is now in my house in broomfield road.
On occasions I've been known to be there. I may still have a few odds and ends in Bushy hill to move, but that will hopefully be dealt with soon(ish).
The room is smallers, and the communial space is theoretically less, but since I had to fight for 10 minutes to get a seat in the last place when I was the only one in the house, it will struggle to be worse really.

Socially things aren't going too badly, I just have to remember I get up early, and am not as young as I used to be.

But followign my time at Tescos, I am now confused by new matters

Just How many sizes of squeezy ketchup does Heinz need to make?

If you know how many they make, then you might be eligable for my special prize, make the guesses in my commments section

Until next time....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You were warned.

Well I'm back in Guildford, and all the students have returned.

Firstly Dave and Rachels wedding was great. It was good to see the two of them get married, and a good chance to meet up with loads of people I hadn't seen in ages.
Plus a weekend in Exeter is about as close as I get to holidays these days. The less said about walking across the campus the better. It was pretty.

I have a job.
I now work in Tescos shoppign fo rthe Dot com section. From 6 am every morning.
Its quite fun, relativly easy, and doesn't interfere with my writing up. I'm still in the office by 10 am.
I have not quite moved house. It should happen soon. which is really good, as Paul should be moving into my room. very soon. Unfortunatly, the later will probably happen before the former. But I'm yet to worry. (mainly due to lack of time to do so). Movign will turn my Hours walk in the morning to somethign much nearer 15 minutes which will help

The office is much loader with all the people milling around the onestop outside, and I've had virtually no interupts from work. I mean seriously, I was interupted more during the summer guys. Make an effort. I've brought chocolate and everything

I'm about to go to munster in germany to present a poster.
There are a long line of things I actually need to do before this becomes what is actually happening. but it means after freshers week I will be else where for a bit (4 whole days!). Its almost a holiday, but with the expensis paid.

Hopefully i will manage to updat this soon.
i should have new accomendation details, and will be able to chase up with people that I've not seen in ages.

Sarah is doing well. her eye is good now, with nothing more going into it, and she has just been moved to the cabinet (well about as close as her pay grade gets). If it really were yes minister, she'd have a cammeo, and possibly even a line.

Freshers arrive at the weekend. I might be moving them in, just to keep me busy.
Ta ta for now.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Stag do and travel

Well Daves Stag do went well at the weekend. By the time Rachel ses him next there should be no visable marks. And he should be fully capable of walking down the Asle.

we went paintballing, which was fun. Although the bruses that can occur can look spectactular. (My suggestion is don't mix doing this with catching a cold. two reasons for muscle aching do not cancel each other out).
We couldn't persuade Dave to do any of the heroic runs, but he ceratinly picked up his fair share of shots.
After that, the drinks and a meal in the evening were fairly relaxed (probably due to us all nearly being comatosed!).

In two weeks time I'll just be returning from their wedding. Its yet another stop on my "weekend, what are they?" tour.
Cardiff, Essex, Leicester/Leeds, Exeter, Hull, possible break and then Barnsley. Lots of travelling.

As I said, I've managed to catch some cold thing which is really annoying. Its just making my muscles ache and me feel a little light headed but its annoying now. less so than dodgy vision, which is what Sarah is putting up with. she is back from hospital now, although they still aren't entirely sure what was wrong with her.

But I'm off now, to get a little work done before I run away for the evening, to hopefully sleep. (Not easy in this hot weather)
Have great summers


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Oops. Wasn't there an month between may and July????

Ok, so I've not updated this in ages.
I've not died yet.
Stuff happend in may and june.
I can even remember some of it

You can distract supervisers with a pretty graph, although it may result in your meeting ending 5 hours later than you expected

Eye infections are not plesent, but possibly the worse thing to do is scratch your eyeball whilst putting in the eye drops. (Sarah managed to do this, Many hospitals have been visited unexpectedly)

Travelling is really annoying when you manage to lose your buspass, young persons rail car, and oyster card.

house moving can be stressful and expensive. I will be moving to sheepfold road in guildford, near Emmanual church for those that know the area. But it will be an expensive couple of months until I only live in one house again.

Jobs. I need one. Probably starting in the summer (see previous) but certainly september onwards, but I will also need to have time to write up this PhD thingy.

Speaking of which it is going reasonably well, although occasionally frustrating. The pratical work should all be sorted in the summer, so just data processing and writing to go. By this time next year we'll be millionaires. Sorry, I mean Doctors.

I'll try and update stuff a little more reagually

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A whole month already???

Well lots and little have been going on. I've been generally busy, but not with particulaly specific things.

We now have new windows at the office, so no balcony, although for the day we had it, it was nice.
Spent most of the weekends travelling. Quite tiring. The Scarfell trip was good. I have photos, but they are on bits of paper so I can't add them here.

Easter was fun, although travelling around london quite a bit.
The funfair at Hampton Courts on the bank holiday monday ws good fun. Unfortuatly I proved that I'm fat, and I shouldn't eat cream.
We(Sarah and I) went on the waltzer, then did some other stuff, had a white chocolate mocha with cream, then went on the waltzer again, and couldn't fit the safty bar over my thighs. Oh well. More exercise I guess

Trip to leicester/derby for Sarahs friends weddings was fun, although a little hetic. Mainly due to Sarahs panicing over clothing, although the closing of the train line in the morning didn't help.

May day weekend held a trip to essex with my canadian aunt, a card tournement, that I actually did well in for a change, and the monday had a trip to london with Sarah, we saw V for Vendetta at the Imax cinema at waterloo.
went into the cinema and thought the screen was big, btu I expected it more curved. Then they projected the normal cinima screen size on it, and you realised quite how big the screen actually is.
The film was pretty cool. I'd had mixed reports, but since I hadn't actualy read the comic previously I didn't fully know what to expect (and most of the objections were from people that already knew the story).
I enjoyed the plot, the casting seems reasonable, and the message of the film, that people should not be afraid of their government it should be the other way round quite apt.

Some nice action sequences, which looked really good on the large screen. and soem great lines. I may even get around to purchasing the DVD.

Last weekend was the CU ball. It was a nice evening, this tear they went for a barn dance style with a buffet. It was a good laugh. Alas no silly prize ceremonies, except for Debbies thank you gift. I enjoyed it, and so did Sarah, even though she refused to dance.

Thats a brief summery I guess.

And it'll probably be june before the next update.

Time is just flying past at a rate of knots