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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What to give up?

Well its lent again, and I need to think of something to give up. I had some great ideas a few months ago, and now they are either impractical or today is just a harsh day to be forced to do so. Might have to think long and hard about a couple of those things, avoiding them for now until I work it out.

At least I managed pancakes yesterday, although those made with fake eggs and Fake milk just don't toss properly. At least I was allowed to play with the real mix later, and not cover the ceiling or the floor.

After last years bizzare lent attempt, Debs and I are not going to try and rival it. I don't think we could manage to meet up every day again. You'd be surprised how hard that actually can be. Especially with my schedule.
Or maybe not.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Todays title is for a couple of special people. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then its probably not you.
If it is you, then well done, congratulations and all that Jazz.

But on with the real stuff.

CU events week was a great week, but one which showed how old I'm getting.
Have almost recovered from it, and I ended iup sleeping almost 12 hours on Thursday evening.

The highlightt of today is my new cell I'm starting. It should eb really good and I can't wait till this evening. And considering this is the first day of Darroch's and Emma's (almost) Job, that it is the highlight says something. And I've managed to get MP3s playing on my phone. Wow what a day.
Also hoping to manage to start Cake making again today or tomorrow, so that is more good stuff. Mondays are great.

Part of my buzz is probably following a great day yesterday in Portsmouth. Playing my Knight in a small adventure party I really got to excell, despite a few setbacks, and maybe the ocasional mistake on my part. prehaps gettign captured and almost sold into slavery isn't ideal, btu I had lots of fun, and rocked. Much Kudos to the Pompey players there. two top quality missions, and it was amazing.

Just getting ready to House party next weekend, and then off to Cardiff the following weekend. Should kepep me busy, especially sicne I need to repair my chain mail before cardiff. Its gettign a little worn and I probably shrunk the arms just too much, so I'll expand those and fix the neck. That'll kep me occupied for a while I think.


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The " Real" Baking King.