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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Busy holidays

Well just back to work folowing the Easter holidays. I managed to just visit my partents and do pretty much nothing else over the long weekend I was away, so I'm feeling quite refreshed, and ready for the hetic next few weeks of work, and socialising.

I'm off to Bradford this weekend for the Student National Wargaming anfd Roleplaying event. Which is basically an excuse for several hundred long haired blokes in Leather trench coats to meet up. ( Ok, thats a slight exageration. There are some women there, and not everypone is dressed in black. But there is a signifigant minority that meets the first discription.)
We attend every year with the feverant hope that we don't win, but a southern university does. ( The winners host the next event, which is far to much hassle for us)

Followign that I'm hoping to meet up with Cat And Bridget in Woking ( Probably at differernt times, just to maximise my time away from the office) and Graduate. Oh, and actually do some work as well during the week ( 1 large document and a presentation at least to be sorted out ASAP).
But if you're about in Guildford on the 8th, you can see me dressedup to the limit. My cerimony is about 2:15pm, so I'll be about over lunch in the works. If you are lucky, and I've unbroken my office computer by then, I migth get photos up.

All in all a hectic couple of weeks. Don't expect to many updates here. Unless I get bored (hence this post).

Oh, saw robots last week. I have to say, nothing special. Nice and simple animation but not a thrilling story and nothing to make you go wow. Kids only I think I'll say

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Just because everyone else has....

Ok I succonmbed, and decided to post this up.

Big 30 Test Results
Sociability 45%
Aggressiveness 48%
Assertiveness 27%
Activity Level 69%
Excitement-Seeking 37%
Enthusiasm 75%
Extroversion 50%
Trust 79%
Submissiveness 67%
Altruism 78%
Cooperation 62%
Modesty 87%
Sympathy 59%
Friendliness 72%
Confidence 70%
Neatness 61%
Dutifulness 68%
Achievement 99%
Self-Discipline 58%
Cautiousness 24%
Orderliness 63%
Anxiety 41%
Volatility 17%
Depression 55%
Self-Consciousness 91%
Impulsiveness 13%
Vulnerability 30%
Emotional Stability 59%
Imagination 42%
Artistic Interests 38%
Introspection 24%
Adventurousness 99%
Intellect 88%
Liberalism 3%
Openmindedness 49%

Personally I'm not convinced about the achievemnt or adventourousness, or the impulsiveness, but otherwise its not too far off.

What do you think?

Still Nothing

Well its almost the Easter holidays for most of the readers of this blog. Alas, some of us actually do work, rather than spend half the year off. (But then again I suppose I get paid).

I alas still have much work to do. For those that are confused by teh concept, I have a report to write that is only slightly bigger than most Final year dissertations, a paper abstract, and a presentation to prepare.
Oh and I'm Graduating on the 8th April. This will involve me once again wearign silly clothing. If you're lucky some of the photos of it may well appear here. Then again, thats quite technological. So maybe you'll just have to be around that Friday to see it.

Cell weekend away was great fun. I have discovered a natural talent for articulate. 3 games played. 3 victories. And the girls claimed they were good at it. And we invented a new game with the free gift from the Frosties Pack. Involving an assualt course, and targets.

I've little new to say, other than Happy easter. I do stil us ehtis, so read it., and feel free to leave a comment


Friday, March 04, 2005

Long time no see

Well its been far too lomng since I last posted here, yet I haven't really done anythign exciting or post worthy.
The Weekend o the Welsh boarder was top quality, although I am now sadled with a silly nickname I just can't shift.
Oh well you win some...

I've been gettign much more sleep this past week, I think having no-one awake in the house after 10 pm seems to be good for me. Although I have now managed to find out what is wrong with my computer, and it has been moved to my room, so that might start to eat into my time. Especially since I now have a sofa in there...
Well its a sofa bed, and when unfolded I can bearly reach the dinning table or walk around to my bed, so I might have to re-arrange the room at somepoint. We shall see how I feel once everything is working.

next weekend is Cell group weekend, which should be really cool, I'm looking forward to that.
Other than that I just need to get 30,000 words written in the next month.
Don't expect more posts for a while, unless somethign really cool happens