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Thursday, May 26, 2005

As summer comes once more

My social life changes drastically. I lose half my friends and the large majority of my daytime distractions at the end of this week.
My cell has disbanded, and that's a shame, its been a great home for me for the past 4 months. Cheers Guys you rock! The last Cu is tonight and in traditional fashion its a BBQ down by the lake. Tea and coffee is drawing to an end after only just re-starting but with a bang having done it yesterday, we're doing it tomorrow! Archery goes outdoors on Saturday, and there is something about sitting outdoors, that it just relaxes everyone, and so much less shooting actually occurs. Ballroom is supposed to be running summer courses, so at least I'll still do that.

But as these things wind down, others wind up. I'm up to Leeds this weekend for Fools and heroes, and then Barnsley the weekend after, I'll be meeting Bridget in her half term next week (hopefully), there's a games evening planned at Emma and Debs, and chess games against Cat. I've promised George we'd meet up, and need to visit Heidi to make up for missing her last three parties!
Gamesoc will meet at the pub a little more, and I might actually get some roleplaying done, or at least a few Card games. Luke has left hospital and with my imminent (hopefully) departure from the house is expecting to make the most of my games before I go.

Oh, and there is still the little matter of a PhD to squeeze in. Hopefully the reduced queuing time in Onestop will allow me to actually do some of that work.

I'll miss my undergraduate friends, especially those off on placements for a year, but I can use the time to keep in touch with old friends. And if I keep my blog vaguely up to date hopefully it will encourage others to do likewise, so I'll still know what's happening. So, don't be a stranger. Gentle walks, evenings sitting in a pub garden chatting and trips all around the UK are probably on my schedule ( you know I really ought to get myself a secretary), you too could be seeing me in a location near you.

Enjoy the summer


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Same old Same new

Well not a huge amount has happend in the past month, btu I feel you obviously need to know nothing exciting has happened.

Highlights have included Rachs Baptism today which was great, my return to the ballroom dancing craze that sweeps the nation. The highlight of THE social year, the event to be at, or hide your head in shame the CU ball happened. A great evening, but alas, it seeed 1/2 hour too short, and was lacking in awards.
My churchs 100th aniversay, Esthers P party, and the Stag hill 6th annual tournement.
Which I finally managed to fix a vistory for us. We did really well in a light field with us winning 5 of the 6 catagories we entered, and were 2nd in the other.

Low lights
Luke spending all his time in hospital. Hopefully he'll eb out soon. Although i do need to fix his bed before he does actually leave...
WORK. Too much too hard and not enough understanding. Hopefully I'll sort this soon. On a bright note the ion tof v has arrived. I might even get a picture on here in the near future.

Thats what i've been up to recently. Well that and my normal stuff.

Good luck in Exms to all my Uni readers