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Monday, June 20, 2005

Incentives on a monday

Well there is certainly one way to improve monday mornings, and that is to arrive in the office and spot soem wine and desserts. Alas I had to survive the best part of three hours in th office without eating or drinkign any of them, but it was worth it.

It was Peters 60th Birthday, and my office is apparently the place to hold a party.
The only drawback was its really tricky to work when there is about 20 pepel eating and drinkign in the small plae that is my office, so I had a very long lunch time, and now feel a little to sleepy to carry on working ( Although that could be the heat!)

Speaking of which, Hot is bad. can someone turn done all this heat, it really isn't needed at the moment. I feel complelled to stay in my office next to the big fan for far longer than I should.

lets see - recent activities. Dave and Rach returning to Guildford ( And cooking for me always good) and having "dinner party" for a few select individuals. I'm off to Nottingham next weekend to get prodded and poked as part of revision ( not mine I hasten to add, I know full well how to be prodded!). And in a couple of weeks its a trip to Stoke to abuse the expense account again. Sorry I mean attend a conference. just a small one, btu its in preparation to september when I have to have a poster to present.

A quiet campus has some benifits, btu the shop closes stupidly early and its all too hot!

Hope you're all enjoying your summers