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Thursday, July 28, 2005

And it all goes horribly wrong

Well as some of you may know I've been drafted into the submerged Monday night football team. I think we were rooted to the foot of the table with no wins, so the first three results of Draw, Win (+friendly win), Win that I participated in was looking like a promising run out of the relegation positions. Alas, this week it was to all go horribly wrong. A 5-1 defeat. And since I'm the Keeper I guess I'd better take some of the blame for it. My reactions are slipping it seems, and there are gaps where I'm sure I never used to have gaps. Oh well, we've a holiday for a week, and then its back on a nicely cleaned astroturf (hopefully save my knees and elbows from the punishment they're getting!)

Finally the weather has improved (I don't care what you say Rach this is alot better). Who knows, it might even be enough to stop us being horribly thrashed in the Ashes after the collapse of the first game.

Other news, Saw Fantastic four yesterday. I wasn't expecting a lot, not my favorite super hero team, and a few "interesting choices" but it all worked rather well. Its a very good start for a series of films, doing a good job of humanising and introducing the characters, with several well done funny moments. There was a great one in the party at the end when it seemed only Luke and I got it in the entire cinema, which was a shame it was very humorous. Worth watching but the effects aren't so great that you "must" see it in the cinema.

And, I'm under a challenge to make contact with loads of old friends. So if you are an old friend of mine I've not seen for a few years then I'll probably come chasing you down over the next six months. Mind you I'm already off to a great start, worked out in the last month I managed to catch up with four of my top ten, and electronically contact another two from people I'd been out of touch for 6 months or so.

Accomendation next year still a little up in the air, but since I'm trying to write a paper that's due for submission on Monday I'm leaving the applications where they are. Also discovered Sascha might not be able to live in our house, so that needs to be sorted. Plus she needs to learn where her key is.

Hoping to visit home in the very near future (mainly because I need the hair cut...) but nothing else planned at the mo.

Enjoy the summer

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hot hot Hot!!!

Well that sums up the weather. Far too hot to really do anything. Spend the days camped in the office because it has a large fan, and then just get uncomfortable at night.
So whilst not doing stuff I've been to Stoke for a couple of days on conference, but wasn't part of the group that visited the Gentleman's club ( They claim it was the only place open. I went to bed instead).
Saw "A lot like love", quite an enjoyable film, well done, recognised none of the actors but they were good. Well worth watching at some point. Batman begins was a top film, really worth going to see, takes the franchise back to the dark gothic region it should be in. And the Batmobile is cool. Was suspicious of some of the cast, but they did their roles well.

Looking forward to spending this weekend sleeping in my own bed, as I'm managed to be away every weekend for a month, ( although the prodding worked, they passed the medical). Although if I'm awake around midnight Friday I might not be sleeping. Depends if I can be bothered to be in town to buy a certain book.

Luke has finally had his gall stone removed, and seems fine.
Sascha (my replacement) has moved into the house (spare room) and once again we are trying to ake the house fit 4. Fortunatly she doesn't have much stuff so when I leave the house I think it will look very empty. (well except the living room, as I don't really use that, and have nothing there). Just need to work out where I'm actually going to.

Enjoy the weather