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Friday, August 12, 2005

Gahhh! research!!!

Well I've finally managed to submit my paper for manchester, only 2 weeks later than it was originally due. Lots and lots or re-organising of what to write, and when I'm doing a paper on Structure elucidation and I'm not actually allowed to put in any structures, it does look a little strange.
But such is the case, and finally its out the way, and I shall soon (hopefully) be the owner of a second published paper.
Now if I could only get my report finished, and the poster that needs to be done for the conference...

In other news, Actually made it home, and saw the whole family, almost at the same time. birthday presents adveraged out, Dereks was late, but since he wasn't in the country for his birthday I'm allowed that one, Jos was actually on her birthday, and Yvonnes was early.
What was amusing was thta No-one would believe my younger brotehr that his 21st birthday was his 21st (despite him and his mates all wearign t-shirts proclaiming this fact), the general guess being mid 20s and I think it peaked at 34! and just before Yvonnes 30th, she was asked for id to prove she was an adult.
Hmm, maybe its the women in our family look young, because I've only been id'ed once since I turned 18.

Work is currently puncuated by the ashes. thats the problem with cricket, it all just takes too long to happen. But things are currently looking up in this test (3rd).

we shall see, hopefully on the highlights tonight.

Oh well, I think i've taken a long enough break from work for now.