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Friday, September 23, 2005

Free lunch?

Apparently there is no such thing as a free lunch, but getting it paid by expenses has got to be close.
Well I've just had a week of these, to go along with the free breakfasts dinners and drinks.

And then, horror of horrors, when I presented my poster (possibly mentioned previously on this blog) I actually ended up getting second place in the young scientists competition. I am assured that there is a cheque out there somewhere with my name on it. But since my supervisor was the organizer of the competition, I have to buy him beer with it.
never mind. The presenting of the poster was very hectic, keeping me busy and away from the free drinks for most of the two hours. The rest of the conference was quite good. There were so interesting talks there, and some relevant, and fortunately some overlap between the two.
But by the end of the week I was wishing to see people I know. Its all well and good mixing with strangers, but when there are over 400 people there you rarely get to see the same strangers again.

Followed that up with a fest somewhere near Barnsley. I have found that there are several things that are not conducive to sleeping.
1 Bunk room full of snoring people
2 No space to sleep on your own bed.
3 Sitting on a chair outside watching the fire whilst people sleep on your arms etc.

I didn't sleep much all weekend, which coupled with my not sleeping well in manchester has made me tired.
Also, despite for the past 18 months running around in about 25kg of metal, and not hurting myself at all as I fall over left right and center, now I no longer wear the chain I managed to twist my knee. Its still sore, especially when I don't move it for a while. Not enough to stop me doing stuff but I notice it.

No Freshers week is coming to an end, I've done almost nothing for it( Bar football for 90 min, Grill a christian, cooking at a BBQ), for the first time in too long. Alas that comes to an end at the weekend when I'll be teaching them lethal weaponry and then game playing.

next week my entire department wil be in Vienna on a conference, so I shall have to office and Labs to myself. An ideal chance to work (we hope)


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