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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Is that the time already?

It seems like minutes ago I made my last post here. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun.

unfortunates Dave and Rach were unable to make the house party, but it was still a really cool weekend. I got to know everyone there, at least a little bit, and had a good time. being only a one night thing did allow a few of the younger members to try and pull an all nighter, but it was just beyond me, especially after the week I'd had.
Also managed to buy a DVD player at a cheaper price than most of my DVD's. So currently making use of Sascha tv to watch all y DVD'S again.

The following weekend it was the visit of the two Sarahs.
It was really good to see Sarah Clark back from France. It was a short and cold conversation, but very good never the less
And then I got to see my girlfriend. It was good to have time to get to know each other properly. Things seem to be going well at the moment. I also saw her last weekend during an excessive trip which took in Guildford and leciester before arriving at Nottingham for about 3 hours sleep before going to Sheffield.

And last on my last list was Hannah.
she's doing well, and busy with exams. I hope to catch up on her again soon.

So future plans.
Aim to pop along and visit Rachel soon to check she's doing ok,
Hope to lunch with Hannah to find out how the exams went
Off to visit Sarah the first weekend in December.

Plus all my university stuff.
Just submitted the final copy of my first publication of the PhD. So that's good. The report writing isn't so good but its slowly coming along.
Football isn't going badly, except they canceled the game yesterday. On the plus side my knees and elbows might have recovered soon. Received my first man of the match the other week, when we held the top team to a nil nil draw. We should have won, but they were getting very dirty as the frustration reached them. And we just couldn't get the final ball in the net.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


here I am, up at 1 am, despite having barely slept at the weekend, and with a houseparty next weekend. Only one thing can be responsible, 24/7 prayer (well the work I ought to do helps, but I'd have gone home and slept if I hadn't signed up the 2-5am slot today).

I'm looking forward to it, To be honest y prayer life has lagged a little in the past month or two with report writing going on (STILL!!!) and I'm lookign forward to really focusing on God for some time.

Also, I have a new topic to focus my prayer on. Sarah. Who is, I guess for lack of a better term, my girlfriend. Problems nclude her not being a christian, and her living in Leicester. Hopefully God can help me with these issues.

So Highlights in the forthcoming month include now
The House Party, a greta chance to a, get top meet all those ypoungsters in the CU in a tiem of great fellowship
and b, a chance to meet up with loads of people I've not really had time to chart properly with since the summer.( Particually Rach and Dave)

B, Sarah Clarke coming back from France for the weekend afterwards, although I'll probably not get to see her quite as much as I had hoped because of

C Sarah my girlfriend coming to visit.

and possibly D, me going to Leicester to visit Sarah.

E, seeing Hannah again.

but I hope to finally finish all that annoying paperwork and get back to some of that exciting experimental work, now we've added a new part to my project where I get to watch Glue dry to experiment on it. ( I kid you not!)

But since I only have 1/2 hour before my prayer tiem I'd better dash and continue with my work

Take care all