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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Followign current affairs

Eviction appears to be a popular topic in the papers today. I’m surprised they knew about it.
Yes, today is finally the day when they kicked me out of my office. I have moved down the hall (eventually). It started with the movers (already about a week behind schedule!) having promised to be here at 10am sharp, not showing up till 11:15, then umming and arhhing for about 30 minutes before they start to dismantle one of the desks to transport. Arren, Keir and myself decided to help, so we dismantled the other 8 desks in the other room. So we were wondering when they’d get to our room to move them. Walked into the new room, and the one desk is there, partly assembled and they’d obviously gone to lunch. So we moved the desks (completely against health and safety, but we were bored.

Everything appears to finally be there working and all, and we’ve now 9 of us based in the office as opposed to the two our old office had. So far only 5 have moved in, but we’re getting there.
In other news, my trip to Newcastle was topnotch. Ran around like a headless chicken being a physician, but succeeded in keeping everyone safe.
Last weekend Michael came along for the Guildpact pre-release. He managed second with a 5-1 record, only losing the last game. Very impressive. The rest of the house weren’t quite so good. Darroch didn’t get placed for the first time in ages, and Luke was about 18.

This weekend I’ve got a house full of lrpers, with about 70 people attending the Guildford Banquet. Means lots of tidying up to be done in the near future, but we’ll fit them somewhere. And, even better, I get to see Sarah again. We’ve only missed one weekend so far in 2006, but that still makes it seem like a long time since I saw her last.

Oh that poll I offered.
Should I update my blog title on a regular basis, since at the moment it should be upgraded every four months, but I haven‘t in absolutely ages

Thursday, January 12, 2006

And look, its already been forever since I last posted

Just imagine if I hadn't been bored christmas shopping you may not have heard from me in ages.
Quick summery
Almost all christmas shopping created in time. (only people I was late with were those that gave me gifts before I'd started shopping, and Sarah, but some of her gifts were bought before i saw her).

the trip home was nice and relaxing, and i enjoyed the chancce to get away from it all and just relax. Christmas was great, a typical Hawtin christmas, (including the typical arrival at church 5 minutes late, no matter what we try to prevent it). followed up with a family tripto Watch Goblet of fire (which I almost thing was y mothers attempt to get away from her Jigsaw. She likes Jigsaws, but this was a double sided puzzle of a suduko board. lots and lots of white).
New year was spent with Sarah, where we went clubbing for two nights and broke french resturants.
Watched Nania, and had a great holiday.

Eventually back to guildford where I once again had computer access, which is handy what with the work I need to do. but its looking good at the mo.

I'm about to do a silly trip to newcastle. There are abut 6 Guildford players heading there for saturday night, to head home on the sunday. I'm at least breaking up the journey a little with some time in leicester.
Oh, discovered that Sarah has been spying on my blog, so i've had to hunt down hers, btu she removed any incriminating material before I could look at it. apparently the phrase, "my, for lack of a better term, Girlfriend" was not a popular phrase.

anyway, Hope everyone had a great christmas and new year, and is doing well.
Thank you to everyone.

see you all soon.


the next post may well have a poll. prepare for the excitement!