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Thursday, January 12, 2006

And look, its already been forever since I last posted

Just imagine if I hadn't been bored christmas shopping you may not have heard from me in ages.
Quick summery
Almost all christmas shopping created in time. (only people I was late with were those that gave me gifts before I'd started shopping, and Sarah, but some of her gifts were bought before i saw her).

the trip home was nice and relaxing, and i enjoyed the chancce to get away from it all and just relax. Christmas was great, a typical Hawtin christmas, (including the typical arrival at church 5 minutes late, no matter what we try to prevent it). followed up with a family tripto Watch Goblet of fire (which I almost thing was y mothers attempt to get away from her Jigsaw. She likes Jigsaws, but this was a double sided puzzle of a suduko board. lots and lots of white).
New year was spent with Sarah, where we went clubbing for two nights and broke french resturants.
Watched Nania, and had a great holiday.

Eventually back to guildford where I once again had computer access, which is handy what with the work I need to do. but its looking good at the mo.

I'm about to do a silly trip to newcastle. There are abut 6 Guildford players heading there for saturday night, to head home on the sunday. I'm at least breaking up the journey a little with some time in leicester.
Oh, discovered that Sarah has been spying on my blog, so i've had to hunt down hers, btu she removed any incriminating material before I could look at it. apparently the phrase, "my, for lack of a better term, Girlfriend" was not a popular phrase.

anyway, Hope everyone had a great christmas and new year, and is doing well.
Thank you to everyone.

see you all soon.


the next post may well have a poll. prepare for the excitement!


Blogger lilrach said...

Oooo, a poll - I'm bouncing in my seat! Good to hear you're still alive Phil, sounds like a fun holiday. Hopefully see you soon.


12:50 pm  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Spying is such a harsh term... surely your blog is there for interested parties to read?

6:04 pm  

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