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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I'm in a slightly bad mood.
I thought I'd managed to pursuade Phil to upgrade his Excell macro to do my new work. And for the past week I thought it was working. Alas. No it isn't, and hes not even in his office for me to moan at at the moment.
Its just slightly frustrating.

On other notes, I managed to download some more games and music for my phone, and have one slot free So any suggestions please put them in the comments section.
The choices easily range from Matt Redman to Ramstien, and Monty Python to Mozart with just about everything in between. The only down side is that at the moment I may have slightly broken the speaker/microphone set up in the phone, so I can't hear MP3s or in fact some one speaking to me on the phone. And apparently they can't hear me either.

On the bright side, Sarah has a job in London, so will be mnoving to Surbiton in 1 week, so I'll get to see her more often. And in 2 days I'll get to see her again as well.

And stinky has given me a shogun suduko. Its 11 suduko puzzles hammered together. Slowly making my way through it, but its just sitting there taunting me at the moment.

Don't do them they are hard!

Life is generally good though. Spent last night playing seafairers of Catan with Debs and Oscar. (we were supposed to be cheering Emma up who is feeling depressed but she retired with a migraine shortly after I arrived)
She did give me a cool looking game called Igor.

Following the unfortunate cancelation of the 2 headed Giant tournement at Tonys, we tried hostign a mini one at our house with three teams. Unfortunatly Steve had to drop out at the last minute, so we ended up with 5 players, so sealed deck built. At least I beat the others, with Darroch bemoaning his lack of bombs loadly to any and every one. But it was a fun afternoon.

Term ends on Friday. Now I don't work on the term structure, but others do, so campus will suddenly become quiet. I'll be able to shop in one stop and the fruit and veg stall without havign to queue. It'll be great.

I'd better get back to work and try and get the excell to behave

Have a happy Easter


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