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Thursday, March 02, 2006


A whole month missed with no updates. Bad me.
I've now to to fit the fine line of doing nothig iteresting and being to busy to post.

Report at work completed and out my way. I'm watchig paint dry properly now.
Had a nice holiday near bournemouth for the Conception covention with Sarah Gary and Tim. Good fu relaxig ad running Lrps. maybe next tiem I'll get around to playing stuff.

Enjoyable birthday, not least due to unexpected Visit of Sarah whilston route to london for a Job interview (ok I knew she was comig before she came, but wasn't expecting it if that makes sense).

CU events week went well, although I atteded only a few events.

was in leiester last weekend, got to see the Board games exhibtion atteh museum, it was fun.

managed a flyign trip to see my parents.
Also managed to see Dave and Rach, and Hannah. Should see Chris tonight following him moving to a new job.

I'll try ad be more updating in the future
Oh, and my keyboard is gettig worse. now N M and C as well as shift and Space are being very temprimental. apoligises for any of them that I missed. On the Plus side I mastered the MP3 Player on my phone.I now have y 5 free MP3s on it. they are, Queen - another one bites the dust, Madness Driving in my Car, Robbie Williams - Angles, meatloaf - A kiss is a terrible thing to waste and meatloaf - a kiss is a terrible thing to waste (getting a little confused with the buttons. Oh well. alas now I need to pay for any I download, and i don't know what to get.



Blogger Sarah said...

yay post from phil!!!
nice to know you are still alive :)

when I first started reading I wondered if you were writting in some new code- but a dodgy keyboard explains all, hee hee.

take care
Sarah xx

9:23 am  

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