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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Well Easter is almost upon me. What with the undergrads vanishing weeks ago, I finally break up. And so, Wednesday is the new friday. Hence a stroll to the varsity centre (probably the best pub in Guildford). At current time of writing we're still missing 3 of the 10 that made it across.
And I've almost recovered from my little holiday last weekend.
Trip to the lakes and walk up Scarfell Pike.
Now I've done this before and thought it wasn't a tricky mountain.
Doing it in the snow and clouds and high winds makes it a much trickier climb, and we hadn't considered them when we started. So we were repelled from the two routes we tried, but it was a good day walking.
The walk to the pub afterwards was the worse, it hailed at about perpendicular to the ground. Not pleasent. We all got wet and cold. When we woke up the next day, the snow line was a good 500-1000 feet lower. It looked very pretty, but made us glad we'd tried it the day before.
So I'm still a little tired from that and a little run down. Lookign forward to the break. Tomorrow moving the last of Sarahs stuff into her new flat befoe spending the weekend with my folks.

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Have a great Easter