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Thursday, May 11, 2006

A whole month already???

Well lots and little have been going on. I've been generally busy, but not with particulaly specific things.

We now have new windows at the office, so no balcony, although for the day we had it, it was nice.
Spent most of the weekends travelling. Quite tiring. The Scarfell trip was good. I have photos, but they are on bits of paper so I can't add them here.

Easter was fun, although travelling around london quite a bit.
The funfair at Hampton Courts on the bank holiday monday ws good fun. Unfortuatly I proved that I'm fat, and I shouldn't eat cream.
We(Sarah and I) went on the waltzer, then did some other stuff, had a white chocolate mocha with cream, then went on the waltzer again, and couldn't fit the safty bar over my thighs. Oh well. More exercise I guess

Trip to leicester/derby for Sarahs friends weddings was fun, although a little hetic. Mainly due to Sarahs panicing over clothing, although the closing of the train line in the morning didn't help.

May day weekend held a trip to essex with my canadian aunt, a card tournement, that I actually did well in for a change, and the monday had a trip to london with Sarah, we saw V for Vendetta at the Imax cinema at waterloo.
went into the cinema and thought the screen was big, btu I expected it more curved. Then they projected the normal cinima screen size on it, and you realised quite how big the screen actually is.
The film was pretty cool. I'd had mixed reports, but since I hadn't actualy read the comic previously I didn't fully know what to expect (and most of the objections were from people that already knew the story).
I enjoyed the plot, the casting seems reasonable, and the message of the film, that people should not be afraid of their government it should be the other way round quite apt.

Some nice action sequences, which looked really good on the large screen. and soem great lines. I may even get around to purchasing the DVD.

Last weekend was the CU ball. It was a nice evening, this tear they went for a barn dance style with a buffet. It was a good laugh. Alas no silly prize ceremonies, except for Debbies thank you gift. I enjoyed it, and so did Sarah, even though she refused to dance.

Thats a brief summery I guess.

And it'll probably be june before the next update.

Time is just flying past at a rate of knots


Blogger Sarah said...

Hey Phil
just thought I'd say hi.
so you enjoyed V? I couln't make up my mind, really didn't help that I only understood about half of it- saw it in french! So if you do get the DVD I might have to nick it off you and watch it again lol.
Only a month an a half till I'm back :) I can't wait

3:22 pm  
Anonymous Sarah said...

I enjoyed it, and so did Sarah, even though she refused to dance.

I wasn't asked. :p

4:14 pm  

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