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Monday, July 24, 2006

Stag do and travel

Well Daves Stag do went well at the weekend. By the time Rachel ses him next there should be no visable marks. And he should be fully capable of walking down the Asle.

we went paintballing, which was fun. Although the bruses that can occur can look spectactular. (My suggestion is don't mix doing this with catching a cold. two reasons for muscle aching do not cancel each other out).
We couldn't persuade Dave to do any of the heroic runs, but he ceratinly picked up his fair share of shots.
After that, the drinks and a meal in the evening were fairly relaxed (probably due to us all nearly being comatosed!).

In two weeks time I'll just be returning from their wedding. Its yet another stop on my "weekend, what are they?" tour.
Cardiff, Essex, Leicester/Leeds, Exeter, Hull, possible break and then Barnsley. Lots of travelling.

As I said, I've managed to catch some cold thing which is really annoying. Its just making my muscles ache and me feel a little light headed but its annoying now. less so than dodgy vision, which is what Sarah is putting up with. she is back from hospital now, although they still aren't entirely sure what was wrong with her.

But I'm off now, to get a little work done before I run away for the evening, to hopefully sleep. (Not easy in this hot weather)
Have great summers


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Oops. Wasn't there an month between may and July????

Ok, so I've not updated this in ages.
I've not died yet.
Stuff happend in may and june.
I can even remember some of it

You can distract supervisers with a pretty graph, although it may result in your meeting ending 5 hours later than you expected

Eye infections are not plesent, but possibly the worse thing to do is scratch your eyeball whilst putting in the eye drops. (Sarah managed to do this, Many hospitals have been visited unexpectedly)

Travelling is really annoying when you manage to lose your buspass, young persons rail car, and oyster card.

house moving can be stressful and expensive. I will be moving to sheepfold road in guildford, near Emmanual church for those that know the area. But it will be an expensive couple of months until I only live in one house again.

Jobs. I need one. Probably starting in the summer (see previous) but certainly september onwards, but I will also need to have time to write up this PhD thingy.

Speaking of which it is going reasonably well, although occasionally frustrating. The pratical work should all be sorted in the summer, so just data processing and writing to go. By this time next year we'll be millionaires. Sorry, I mean Doctors.

I'll try and update stuff a little more reagually