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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Oops. Wasn't there an month between may and July????

Ok, so I've not updated this in ages.
I've not died yet.
Stuff happend in may and june.
I can even remember some of it

You can distract supervisers with a pretty graph, although it may result in your meeting ending 5 hours later than you expected

Eye infections are not plesent, but possibly the worse thing to do is scratch your eyeball whilst putting in the eye drops. (Sarah managed to do this, Many hospitals have been visited unexpectedly)

Travelling is really annoying when you manage to lose your buspass, young persons rail car, and oyster card.

house moving can be stressful and expensive. I will be moving to sheepfold road in guildford, near Emmanual church for those that know the area. But it will be an expensive couple of months until I only live in one house again.

Jobs. I need one. Probably starting in the summer (see previous) but certainly september onwards, but I will also need to have time to write up this PhD thingy.

Speaking of which it is going reasonably well, although occasionally frustrating. The pratical work should all be sorted in the summer, so just data processing and writing to go. By this time next year we'll be millionaires. Sorry, I mean Doctors.

I'll try and update stuff a little more reagually


Blogger lilrach said...

Yes, yes there was, but I'm not any better! Besides, far too nice a month to be inside blogging. Glad things are going ok. Hope you feel settled in your new house - it'll be nice to have you closer to campus! Take care and see you soon.

12:39 pm  

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