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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You were warned.

Well I'm back in Guildford, and all the students have returned.

Firstly Dave and Rachels wedding was great. It was good to see the two of them get married, and a good chance to meet up with loads of people I hadn't seen in ages.
Plus a weekend in Exeter is about as close as I get to holidays these days. The less said about walking across the campus the better. It was pretty.

I have a job.
I now work in Tescos shoppign fo rthe Dot com section. From 6 am every morning.
Its quite fun, relativly easy, and doesn't interfere with my writing up. I'm still in the office by 10 am.
I have not quite moved house. It should happen soon. which is really good, as Paul should be moving into my room. very soon. Unfortunatly, the later will probably happen before the former. But I'm yet to worry. (mainly due to lack of time to do so). Movign will turn my Hours walk in the morning to somethign much nearer 15 minutes which will help

The office is much loader with all the people milling around the onestop outside, and I've had virtually no interupts from work. I mean seriously, I was interupted more during the summer guys. Make an effort. I've brought chocolate and everything

I'm about to go to munster in germany to present a poster.
There are a long line of things I actually need to do before this becomes what is actually happening. but it means after freshers week I will be else where for a bit (4 whole days!). Its almost a holiday, but with the expensis paid.

Hopefully i will manage to updat this soon.
i should have new accomendation details, and will be able to chase up with people that I've not seen in ages.

Sarah is doing well. her eye is good now, with nothing more going into it, and she has just been moved to the cabinet (well about as close as her pay grade gets). If it really were yes minister, she'd have a cammeo, and possibly even a line.

Freshers arrive at the weekend. I might be moving them in, just to keep me busy.
Ta ta for now.