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Friday, November 03, 2006

In answer to the last post..

Six I tell you. 6! Between 250 g and 1.2 kg
And to make matters worse, soem are sensible masses, and some are sensible volumes, but none are both. Make your mind up!

Anyway, my current shop related contemplative involves milk.
Specifically Cats milk. I spotted this on sale and looked a little bemused, but then just thought of the fun of the farmer trying to hook a cat up to a milking machine. Certainly worthy of a smile. and consideration into how many cats you would need to milk each day to make enough bottles.
Then, a few days later, it seems I was shopping for a lactose intolerant, who brought goats milk (fairly normal) goats milk cheese (ceratinly not unusual) and goats butter. I had never really registered goats butter before, but it made sense, if they have goats milk, why not make butter with it. And then I remembered the cats milk.
Alas I have yet to see cat cheese or cat butter, but you never know!

In other news, had a lovely meal last monday, cooked for me by Sarah, for our one year aniversery. It was very nice, we had an enjoyable night in just being with each other and eating a very nice roast. Somethign that rarely happens now I'm doing two jobs



Blogger Dave said...

Phil, I assume you're joking and you know that cat's milk is actually milk FOR cats, not FROM cats. I'm hoping it's a joke and my sense of humour just failed to pick up on it...!

8:12 pm  
Blogger Phil said...

I know that Cats milk is milk for cats, due to their lactose intolerance. I haven't yet discovered where they get this milk from.
Although I had to buy fresh healthy living diced lamb the other day. Personally I think I'd prefere if it was dead....

5:16 pm  
Blogger Dave said...

Phew, glad you knew that! Cats may be lactose intolerant but at home we're too cheap to buy cat's milk, and our cat loves normal milk. If I don't quite finish my breakfast milk in the morning and put my bowl on the floor he'll come and finish it, even though it's got sugar in it too!

Yeah, I think I prefer my lamb dead.

9:14 pm  

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