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Thursday, February 08, 2007

I've been busy

Life contains lots at the moment.
Tescos is going ok, but the early mornings got me after christmas and I've been forced to impose a 10 pm curfew upon my self to make sure I sleep enough. Seems to be working, btu then I've just had the past two weeks off on enforced holidays.

PhD is happening, slowly, but each week I can point to some advancement.

Time with Sarah is good. We manged to see each other most weekends at the moment.
She has just finished making me a lovely banquet kit. And when she decided to compleet a veryu pretty dress for her, she may have forgone sleep on the last night before the guildford banquet. Which went well.
The mission afterwards went surprisingly well. Considering it was complecated, very prop heavy and reliant on players making choices. The confusion when they saw monster crew down two diffferent routes was fun.
But in the end, the only complaint I had for it, was that it was pretty much only local people there, so the hard work won't spread quite as far as I hoped. (although porsmouth have already started using the same idea for signs).

Anyway, I better get back to work now.

I'll try and updat more often


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